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Audit & Accounting

As one of the most experienced local firms in the region, we are skilled in providing audit related services for businesses in a wide range of industries. Our accounting and auditing staff has experienced, hands-on problem solvers who hold themselves to high levels of technical and performance standards. You can trust Spencer, Hager and Mosdell, PC to have the industry and technical knowledge to handle your company's financial reporting and consulting needs. We will guide you through the accounting and auditing process, as well as keep you informed of the latest industry changes regarding audit and accounting issues, financial reporting, and corporate governance that may impact your business. Our accounting and auditing staff works to bring value added solutions for your day-to-day business needs and important transactions. We utilize the latest accounting practices and audit methodologies to assist you to stay compliant, manage risk, and improve your overall business performance.

Here are just some of the specialized audit & accounting available to Spencer, Hager & Mosdell, P.C. clients:

Financial Reporting

Spencer, Hager & Mosdell, P.C. provides audit, review, and compilation services for a variety of privately held businesses. Our approach to auditing is management-oriented. We will concentrate on maintaining a close and constructive relationship with you at all times and on being continually responsive to your needs. The assistance of your company's accounting personnel will be used, where possible, to reduce costs and can help educate your team in the process.

Reports are issued only after complete concurrence with report format and content. This approach leads to early identification of problems and a harmonious professional relationship.

Employee Benefit Plan Audits

At Spencer, Hager & Mosdell, P.C., we have developed a comprehensive, dedicated employee benefit plan audit practice. Our employee benefit plan audit practice provides audit services mostly for DOL Limitied Scope Retirement Plans. We have successfully undergone Employee Benefit Security Administration inspections and perform quality audits with our client's best interests as our driving force.

We know and understand our client's internal resources are limited. Our expertise in the employee benefit plan audit arena enables us to address your needs with a solid foundation of knowledge that only experience can provide. We assign experienced professionals who will not waste your time and we design our benefit plan audits accordingly.

Agreed-Upon Procedures

In an agreed-upon procedures engagement, we execute definitive procedures to benefit our clients or other specified users of our report in assessing certain subject matter or assertions about subject matter, following a process driven exclusively by the needs of your business. Our clients or specified users of our report agree upon the procedures to be performed and take responsibility for the sufficiency of the procedures for their purposes. The procedures we perform are applied to the subject matter based upon the criteria established. Our report on the results of applying the agreed-upon procedures are in the form of our findings.

The subject matter for an agreed-upon procedures engagement may take many forms and may be as of a specific date or for a defined period of time. Examples of agreed-upon-procedures engagements include a) due diligence on buying a business, b) specific issues relating to selling a business, c) licensing and royalty engagements, and d) internal rate of return calculations.

At Spencer, Hager & Mosdell, P.C., we have well over 20 years of experience in the performance of agreed-upon procedure engagements for companies of all sizes in a variety of industries.